Medical Cannabis – A Possible Treatment

Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in approximately 800K deaths worldwide. It has infected many more and instilled fear in almost everyone across the world. Scientists are working continuously to find a potential treatment or a vaccine to save the lives of people and end this pandemic as soon as possible.

One potential drug that is being studied for possibly controlling the severity of covid-19 illness is medical cannabis. The researchers in Israel are trying to establish a dose related effect of cannabis on the prevention of cytokine storm.

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How can medical cannabis help covid-19 patients?

Research is going on with different strains of CBD and scientists believe that it can be used as preventive and as a therapeutic compound as it can work on the following 2 levels to help in the fight against SARS-COV2:

  • A study in Canada found that cannabis extracts can modulate ACE2 receptor expressions as a preventive methodology for covid-19.
  • High levels of CBD are found to be effective in blocking ACE2 proteins and hence the gene expression to block the entry point of corona virus in the human host.
  • This can prevent the virus from entering and replicating in the tissues.
  • Another research in Israel found that cannabis can interfere with the communication network at the cellular level in the immune system.
  • This can prove to be helpful in regulating the cytokine storm before the inflammatory cells or cytokines cause severe irreversible inflammatory lung damage.
  • It could prove to be beneficial over steroids as the latter completely suppresses the immune system.

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